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by | Oct 18, 2018

Whether you are a DJ or a an avid house and electronic music fan, you want to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to discovering new music.

There is a multitude of different platforms and places where you can read, listen and discover new tracks, whether it’s direct from the artists and producers themselves because you follow them on social media, or from other trusted outlets who are known for bringing you the best new music.

We wanted to look at the top five ways you could keep on top of your favourite chosen genres each week and how they differ from each other when it comes to getting the most out of the music.

Direct from the DJ / Producer.
The world revolves around human relationships; most of the business world works better when relationships between companies is good, and those within those companies are flourishing. That’s why building a personal network of friends who are producing their own music is a sure fire route to success when you have top DJs and Producers sending you tracks before they are even released online.

Gone are the days where artists spent hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds pressing vinyl in the hope a handful of DJs would pick up on the track and scrabble around to get a copy. Long Saturday afernoons rifling through vinyl in local record stores meant if you didn’t get a copy of a track, you had to befriend the shop owner and ask him to hold you a copy back on the sly.

Nowadays if you can just make it good with the DJ /Producer direct it means you get exclusive rights to playing tracks which haven’t made it to the radio, or better still even off the Mac it was made on. Get on as many mailing lists as you can and make sure you are picky, otherwise you’ll end up with hundrds of tunes you don’t want and not the ones you do!

Trusted online music retailers.
It’s always good, even when on promotional mailing lists, to get yourself onto the main trusted sites such as Beatport, Traxsource or Trackitdown to get some of the tunes you might not have been sent from labels and individual artists.

You may find there are specific sites which service your particular areas of music, and there are many out there so it can become a minefield but research till you get your top 2 or 3 and stick to them.

Listening to relevant radio stations.
Even though you might follow your favourite artists and setup every alert notification on them so you know when new material comes out, there is still a massively high percentage of DJs and consumers who still access new music through their local or favourite radio station.

When was the last time you heard a track on air and went to Shazam, or better still went online to look at the tracklist of the DJ?

Research a couple of the best stations and the DJs who play what you like and listen in, let them do some of the hard work for you and you can find out the tracks which are making it big that weekend.

Supporting local clubbing brands for your chosen music genre.
Live music trumps everything; a phrase used a lot when people get engrossed a lot in listening to music on their own off their smart phone or in their bedroom. Music should be shared and experienced with others to get the most out if it, after all music brings people together, so do the research into your favourite local clubs, find out when they are booking your favourite artists and attend those nights to hear tracks you’re going to love but in a more live enviroment; you’ll thank yourself even after you nurse your hangover the next day.

Popular house and electronic music brands.
Ensure you discover the brands who are going to bring you the best music in your favourite genres. This is similar to the local clubs you can visit who may book the artists from time to time, but its the local and national brands who specialist in one particular type of music who are more likely to book a higher percentage of these up and coming artists who will give you access to that music, and they will in turn book different venues for you to enjoy that music in.

This is where Decadance is a great example of this; the very best house and electronic dance music as well as access to the artists who make that music and perform it week on week. Listen to the Decadance residents who present weekly radio shows on rotation across a number of stations worldwide, read our blogs and check out our latest popup events across the country.

Getting the most out of the music scene is not rocket science, but it can take some initial research or planning to ensure you pick the right brands, attend the right events, listen to the best dj’s and then all that is left, is to work out which mates you’re taking with you on this trip!