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by | Jul 11, 2019 | Music News

By Toby Church

When it’s easy for anyone creative to get on with cheap and ubiquitous equipment making good music, and generally growing as an artist, why not make it easier for them to display their efforts with an easy to navigate platform, already within a site which is known the world over?

“…You’ve told us time and time again that sharing your work with the world should be easier…”. The voices of independent artists were heard and answered in Spotify’s September 2018 blog.

Without being signed to a record label or by using third-parties, the app allows elected artists to upload their material free of charge. This eradicated the need for a middleman, cut costs, and paved the way to a brand new way of thinking when we promo brand new music.

Surprisingly after speaking so openly about it at the time, Spotify recently announced that the programme helping connect artists to fans directly, would be abandoned by the end of July 2019.

As with any testing of new innovative technologies there are hurdles to overcome, and Spotify noticed problems which became apparent as the work of Spotify’s distribution partners were not being put to use, despite thinking there shouldn’t be a need in some cases. Labels helped track artist analytics on tracks, and staying within copyright guidelines.

Artists will now have to be signed to labels which have been approved by Spotify, or have their tracks taken off the app. Plans to set up record label discounts for independent artists are said to be put in place for those artists that they chose to be a part of the beta.